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Greed & Jealousy

Release Blitz

By Tina Ellery

Release August 10th

Greed & Jealousy -By Tina Ellery-Book CoverThe grass is greener on the other side…

Tova Hudson is getting by—just barely. With a crumbling marriage, all she longs for is her husband to make an effort—one small, simple gesture. When she meets Neil Hamilton, a strong, demanding, private investigator, she’s appalled at the pull she has for him.  After all, she’s a married woman—even though it’s far from the fairytale she always dreamed of. Luckily, Neil has no interest in a woman who belongs to someone else.

But when peril sets in and Tova’s life is jeopardized, her husband’s absence endangers her even more. This time, greed and envy just might be the deadliest sins of all. It’s up to Neil to protect the one woman he can’t have—or shouldn’t have. But somebody won’t stop until Tova is silenced. Can Neil find a way to save Tova while protecting his heart too?


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Cover Reveal & Release Promotion

By Shevaun Delucia

Cover Reveal July 25th

Release August 18th

Nirvana July 11

Junior Saunders is searching for the perfect woman: gracious, elegant, and meek. He waits patiently, working long hours and going home alone night after night, believing that this woman exists. But life isn’t always predictable; curveballs can be thrown unexpectedly.

Kinsey Balterson is everything but gentle, delicate, and docile. She says it like it is—a spitfire, full of sarcasm with looks to kill. She’s downright sexy and thrilling in every way possible. Kinsey is a constant reminder of everything Junior detests in a woman, but the moment he lets his guard down, she captures his attention.

Can opposites really attract?

From this moment on, nothing is the same for Junior again. Everything he thought he wanted and needed no longer exists, and now his whole world has been shifted. His reason for breathing consists only of her—Kinsey. She has become his everything.

Kinsey thinks she has this all under control: friends with benefits, no strings attached—no messy feelings. She refuses to be broken again. But what happens when attraction turns into something deeper? Will Kinsey be able to let her walls down so her damaged heart can love again?

Can one person truly heal another’s heartbreak?


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Hostile Workplace

Cover Reveal & Release Blitz

By A. M. Madden

Cover Reveal August 1

Release September 6

Hostile WP Promo Banner.jpg

Sam Stanton knows these simple facts:

~ He is a great catch—successful, smart, gorgeous…but the wrong woman caught him.

~ He has the perfect girl who is madly in love with him.

~ He wasted six years of his life by playing it safe.

~ He is damn good at his job and intends to keep climbing the ladder.

~ He can’t get her off his mind or out of his heart—no matter how hard he tries.

But, what he doesn’t know is just as important:

~ Will he ever really move on and forget how badly she broke his heart?

~ Should he settle for a sure thing, even knowing it’s the wrong thing?

~ Can he give up his career for a chance at happiness?

~ Does he correct one mistake with another?

~ What would he do if she were to return?

Confused yet? Welcome to Sam Stanton’s life.


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Taylor Made

 Release  Blitz

 by KJ Lewis

Release Blitz August 24

TaylorMadeFINAL-highEmme James’ southern roots and ease at reading people make her known in elite circles as one of the best image and brand consultants in the business. Her gut-instinct and ability to balance six male roommates, a New York Madame, a rock star and her job do nothing to prepare her for the chaos that ensues when a chance meeting places her on a path that threatens the resolve of control Emme masters.

Having never mislead a woman of his intentions, Graham Taylor makes no apologies for his ‘fuck ‘em and leave ‘em attitude’.  He gets no hassle sex and they get money and notoriety. The only stipulation, control. His. An unexpected mishap places him next to an unassuming southern girl whose honesty and kindness kindles a need to show her what it would be like to give control to him even for a short amount of time.   His underestimation of her tenacity soon blurs the line of who is really in control.


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The Consequence

Cover Reveal & Release Blitz

By Giana Darling

Cover Reveal August 3rd

Release September 8th

The Consequence Banner.jpg

Does everyone deserve a happy ending?

Giselle Moore has been through a lot in her short life but things are looking up; her premier art showing in New York City is on the horizon, she has been reunited with her family and, most of all, she is deeply in love with the mysterious Frenchman she met on vacation in Mexico. There is only one thing that could derail her happiness and it is the forbidden nature of her relationship with Sinclair. After finally confessing their love for each other, the two are forced to flee the city for Paris, France where they may begin to discover what it really means to be together. When a terrible accident beckons them back home, an unfriendly face from the past, crumbling business deals and a family that has turned against them tests their fledgling partnership and the very idea that they could possibly live happily ever after.


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Rhapsody, Book #5 The Belltor Saga

Cover Reveal & Release Promotion

By Cecilia London

Cover Reveal August 22nd

Release September 13th

R July 11 FB

“I’m never going to stop loving you, Caroline. It’s just not possible.”

Major Caroline Gerard returns from a dangerous mission battered and bruised. Terrified to confront the emotional and physical gap between her and her husband, she’s determined to do whatever it takes to avoid reality.

Commander Jack McIntyre has been tasked with saving American democracy, but he has to save his marriage first. He’s desperate to regain the passionate connection that he and his wife once shared. And a man on a mission will sacrifice anything to succeed.

In the meantime, the rebellion is in need of a catalyst to spur international action to stop President Santos’ increasingly unstable behavior. As Caroline and Jack repair their hearts, each day brings new secrets and new challenges, and a revelation that could shatter everything they thought was true.

Rhapsody is the fifth book in The Bellator Saga. It should be read after the first four books in the series.


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More Sign ups coming in July:

Hinged by Char Sharp

Jagger by S. Nelson

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