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Book #4, Knights Corruption MC Series

Release Promotion

By S. Nelson

Releases: January 12th


When Tripp Cavanaugh finally recovers after being left for dead at the gates of his club, his intention is to leave and resume his nomadic lifestyle.  But when his president asks him to stick around and oversee the club’s newest business adventure, he readily agrees.  He has no idea the simple request will turn his world inside out, encountering the one woman who will irrevocably change him.

Barely escaping her past, Reece Kendrick flees across the country and takes the first job she can find, working at a club owned by the Knights Corruption.  Vowing to keep her heart guarded, everything changes the moment she sees him.  Confused and powerless to stop the dynamic unraveling between them, she becomes enthralled with a stranger.

A man who challenges her every instinct.

A man who makes her feel inexplicably safe.

A man who will do anything for her… even kill.

Will her past threaten to destroy her one chance for happiness, or will she be forced to leave the one man who vowed to protect her?



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Love In Lingerie

Cover Reveal & Release Promotion

By Alessandra Torre

Cover Reveal: TBA

Releases January 2017


A standalone romance from the New York Times Bestselling author of Black Lies and Hollywood Dirt…

I hired her to fix my company, to bring Marks Lingerie back to life. I didn’t expect her to become my best friend. I didn’t expect to fall in love with her.

We’ve had five years of sexual tension. Five years of keeping our distance because I won’t tell her the truth. Five years of torture because I’m terrified of scaring her away.

The first rule of business is to never touch your employees.

I think there is another rule about not falling for your best friend. For not thinking about her every time I wrap my hand around my cock.

I’m ready to fuck the rules. I’m about to take what’s mine. Damn the company. Damn my fears. Damn our friendship.


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Cover Reveal & Release Blitz

By: Jasinda Wilder

Cover Reveal: TBA

Release January 20th


Book two in the Badd Brothers series features the second oldest Badd brother, Zane, a Navy Seal, and Mara Quinn, a former Army combat medic. They have instant and sizzling chemistry, and they both feel like there could be more there, but they both have serious hangups when it comes to relationships. Can they navigate the turbulent, difficult path to finding love, or will they allow their fear of vulnerability and habit of distrust to ruin their chance at what could be? And what will they do when life throws them the ultimate twist?


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Delivery Girl

 Release Promotion

By Lily Kate

Releases January 20th

lilykate_deliverygirl_ebook_finalGood things come in extra-large, smoking hot packages.

Things like pizza.

The very pizzas that I deliver for my dad’s restaurant, Peretti’s Pizza. It’s a temporary job, something to pay the bills until I graduate from school, but it does the trick. In fact, it’s working quite well until Ryan Pierce of the LA Lightning decides to order a pizza from me, and life as I know it turns upside down.

You see, Ryan Pierce doesn’t just open his front door. He opens it buck naked. And suddenly, I’m not the one boasting the biggest, hottest package in the room. However, it’s what happens next that makes my stomach flip upside down whenever my phone beeps. Ryan starts to call, and then text, and then fifteen pizza deliveries and one hot-as-sin kiss later, we’re friends.

So when he asks me to be his fake girlfriend at his brother’s wedding, I’m happy to help. But the longer we pretend, the more I worry that this is one package I might not be able to handle.


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 Pakhan’s Salvation

Book 2 in The Pakhan Duet Series

 Release Promotion

By V.F. Mason

Releases January 24th



My life changed in the span of twenty-four hours.
My family had tried their best to make my world as familiar as possible yet something about their touch and words always felt wrong.
Only in my dreams, in the arms of the amber-eyed stranger, I found solace.
Until the Pakhan of Bratva showed up, claiming I belonged to him.


Rosa Giovani became mine.
Only I’d failed to protect her from the evil neither of us expected.
Pakhan of Bratva lost the desire to keep his sanity intact and settled in the darkness, so consuming he never wanted to come back from it.
Until we could meet again, I vowed to destroy everyone and everything in my wake for shattering our hearts.

** Warning **
It is necessary to read first Pakhan’s Rose, before starting Pakhan’s Salvation. This book concludes the Pakhan Duet series.


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