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Serenity by Janet Nissenson 



Matthew Bennett has suffered the worst sort of betrayal a man can ever know, and he’s trying to put his life back together after years of unhappiness and emotional neglect.  He desperately needs the care and devotion of a good woman, someone who will not only erase the hurt he’s experienced,  but help him cope with the tremendous stress and responsibility he endures daily as the CEO of a multibillion dollar corporation.

Through the yoga classes that she teaches, and her successful massage practice, Sasha Fonseca spends her days helping others improve their health and wellbeing, and also learning to combat stress.  She leads a simple but serene life, content with the little she has, but shies away from any sort of long term commitments or serious relationships.  Her unconventional upbringing has also made her fiercely independent, and she won’t let anyone try to mold her into something she’s not ever again.

Sasha is enlisted to help Matthew in a professional capacity, but it isn’t long before she finds herself drawn to him on an emotional and physical level as well.  With a woman like Sasha in his life, Matthew finally believes he’s found the happiness that’s eluded him all these years.  But will his scheming, soon-to-be ex find a way to destroy him once again, or will he get the happy ending that he deserves?




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Covet {Book #1, The Splendor Series}

Goodreads:  http://bit.ly/2etEIG5


The long-awaited prequel to a love story for the ages.

She was the only woman he wanted…but the only one he couldn’t have

Ian Gregson had been born into wealth and power – one of the privileged heirs of the top luxury hotel chain in the world.  To the outside world, he was seemingly the man who had everything – money, prestige, good looks, charisma – a man who could have any woman he desired.  But the only woman he’d ever truly coveted was forbidden to him for far too many reasons to count – her youth, her employment within his company, and especially her commitment to another man.

Tessa Lockwood’s young life has been one of deprivation, misfortune, and heartbreaking loss.  Working for the Gregson Hotel Group offers up a glimpse into a world she had never before imagined – one of affluence, sophistication, and splendor.  And meeting the suave, elegant Ian Gregson for the very first time awakens feelings in her that she struggles to repress, never imagining that a man like him could find a nobody like her attractive.

Ian and Tessa fight their feelings for the other, knowing that a relationship between them can never exist.  But when matters of the heart are involved, things are never quite that simple.  How long will both of them be able to hold on before betraying their forbidden attraction to each other?  Or will they be destined to remain forever apart?


Amazon Universal: http://bit.ly/2lXQxdn

B&N:  http://bit.ly/1WOD5p6

iBooks:  http://apple.co/1T2VFqT

Kobo:  http://bit.ly/1TvVjqc


Crave {Book #2, The Splendor Series}

Goodreads:  http://bit.ly/2bS7tP4


The next chapter in one of the most romantic love stories ever told

Luxury hotel heir Ian Gregson longed for his beloved Tessa from afar for more than two years, forced to keep his attraction towards her well hidden.  But now that his feelings no longer have to remain a secret, he is free to indulge his constant craving for the woman of his dreams.

Shy, innocent Tessa Lockwood is dazzled by her handsome, sophisticated lover, and falls deeper and deeper under his spell with each passing day.  But their newfound relationship will be tested by Tessa’s lifelong insecurities, and her fears of succumbing to the throes of depression that have always tormented her.

It will fall to Ian to convince her that their love is strong enough to overcome any obstacles that life might place in their way.  And that now that he’s finally been able to make her his own, nothing and no one will ever keep them apart again.


Amazon Universal: http://bit.ly/2ldUH3F

B&N:  http://bit.ly/29cGOcz

iBooks:  http://apple.co/28VSNyi

Kobo:  http://bit.ly/2960nb5


Claim {Book #3, The Splendor Series}

Goodreads:  http://bit.ly/2eDDPhJ


The final book of the Splendor trilogy – the conclusion, but never the ending, to a love story for the ages

All of luxury hotel heir Ian Gregson’s dreams are finally coming true.  Soon he will be able to claim the beautiful woman he longed for from afar for more than two years, and she will belong to him for all time.

But as their wedding day approaches, long hidden secrets from Tessa’s past will surface and stir up all of her old fears and doubts.  And Ian will once again need to convince her that their love is more than strong enough to conquer all – a love that’s destined to last for all time.


Amazon Universal: http://bit.ly/2ma1mL9

B&N:  http://bit.ly/2c6MV8m

iBooks:  http://apple.co/2cbjuPi



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