Tomorrow is EVENT day! #AITBG17 #BringingAuthorsToTheBluegrassState #Lexington #Kentucky

April 14th

Kiki Chatfield at The Next Step PR will be hosting Authors in the Bluegrass.

We are proud to welcome ALL 49 Authors to this event.

Plus Vendors 

═══ Coming April 22nd, 2017 ═══


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$20.00 Cash only!

We are no longer offering refunds since it is so close to the event date!

Raffle Basket:
Each session will have ONE raffle basket filled with goodies. Donations are from the attending authors and sponsors for this event! The raffle tickets go towards your chance of winning the basket. All proceeds will be donated to the organizer charity of choice.
Items included are…
Kindle Fire
Water Bottle (similiar to the Swell)
Android Tablet
Signed PB of Bright Side by Kim Holdern
Mini Book Worm Box
Horse Shoe Necklace
Charger for you devices
Charging Cord for Android or iPhones
Plus much much more from the attending authors…
We will have a full list for the event!
Book Raffle Basket:
When you come to our event, for each book you buy you will be entered into a special raffle. You can pre-order books, buy books at the table from the authors or the vendor down stairs. For each book you buy, you will get one raffle ticket. At the end of the event, we will announce the winner(s) and this will be sent, shared or shipped to you! We want to reward the readers for helping support the authors by BUYING BOOKS!

Pop-Up Giveaways:

Be prepared to randomly win something amazing during the event.I (Kiki) will be doing random pop-up giveaways throughout the event.Prizes might include swag from the author’s, gift cards, etc. Anything is game… So be ready to do some fun and silly things at the event!

Scavenger Hunt:
Join us back at the hotel Saturday night at 10:30 PM. We will be hosting a scavenger hunt of books, swag, gift cards and more at the Hilton Suites. Everyone can participate. We will be hiding items in or around the hotel. You will need to follow the event on Instagram to know when we have posted an item. @AuthorsInTheBG
First post will go live on the IG page at 10:30 PM!
Follow Authors in the Bluegrass on Twitter & IG: @AuthorsInTheBF


Have questions about the event? 

Send us a Message on the FB PAGE

or e-mail us


Attending Authors: 

Abbi Glines

Adrianna Locke

Alessandra Torre

AM Hargrove

AM  Madden

Amy Harmon

Andrea Johnston

Aurora Rose Reynolds

Beth Ehemann

Casey L. Bond

Casey Peeler

Christine Brae

Deanndra Hall

Elizabeth Isaacs

Elizabeth York

HJ Bellus

Hilary Storm

Janet NissensonJanet Nissenson

Jasinda Wilder

J. Sterling

Jillian Dodd

JM Madden

Joanne Schwehm

JR Rogue

Kallypso Masters

Kathleen Brooks

Katie Ashley

Kris Calvert

LA Fiore

LB Dunbar

Mia Sheridan

M. Leighton

Michele G. Miller

Mindy Hayes

Misha Elliott

Penny Reid

Rebecca Yarros

RK Ryals

RL Griffin

Ruth Clampett

Shay Savage

Stephanie Summers

Tara Sivec

Taylor Dawn

Tessa Teevan

Tiffany Reisz

Tish Thawer

Wendy Owens

Willow Aster

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