Getting to know one of our NEWEST clients, Stacey Marie Brown! #MeetHerToday



The Next Step PR client interview

with Author Stacey Marie Brown


What genre do you write in?

Right now Paranormal/ Urban Fantasy, but will get into Contemporary Romance and have ideas for a kid’s series. So many ideas, so little time!



What was the last book you released?

I will be releasing a book June 1! The second book in the Lightness Saga, Lightness Falling.


How many books have you published as of today?

Eleven! But have thirteen written and waiting to be edited and/or published.


Have you always wanted to be a writer?

No. I always enjoyed telling and writing stories, but I never thought of it as a career. I went to school for Theater Arts (acted in Los Angeles for 7 years), then I went to school after traveling abroad for 6 years, for Interior Design and Architecture. While I was back at school I started writing Darkness of Light. The moment I hit publish, I knew I found my passion. What I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I always say it chose me, not the other way around.


What would you be doing if you weren’t writing?

I would get back into set design. I love creating worlds, no matter designing, acting, or writing.


Do you have any plans to write in any other genre?

Yes! I have written an older YA contemporary that I love so much. Seriously proud of it and love the character so much. I plan to write an adult Contemporary this summer. Eventually I have plans for a kid’s series. But my heart will always be Paranormal.


Where is your favorite writing place?

Café. Usually a Starbucks. I can’t write at home. Everything distracts me. I have to eat more, pee more, and find myself restless. I have the attention span of a gnat at home. At a café I get in a zone. The buzz of people around me energizes me. I also feel less alone.


Do you have a writing “schedule” so you can experience life or do the characters take over and NEED to be written?

I’m an emotional writer. A pantser. The characters have complete control. They take over and dictate what way the story is going. I have tried to force myself to write and it was awful. I ended up chucking it all. So I’d rather go for a hike, get inspiration, and write good stuff, then force myself to write and be a waste of time. Saying that, I usually don’t go more than a day or two without writing. The longer I go, the harder it is to get back into it.


Do you map out your work? What is your writing process?

I’m pretty much a pantser. I do the basic outline. Know where I want to start and end, have a general sense of the climax. The deeper I’m in a series, the more I outline because I need to remember all the plot lines I need to wrap up.


What writing advice could you share with an author who is just now getting started?

I always hear people tell new authors “Just write. Write more.” I understand the incentive behind this advice. Writers need to write. There is no way around that. This theory can work for some. But I do feel it is contributing slightly to the push to get something out there. Anything. I’ve noticed a demand, especially on self-published authors, to get their books out more frequently. And this could be hurting the quality of some stories (I’m generalizing). “Write more” doesn’t mean good or better. I’d rather wait a little longer and read a book I enjoy with a more-thought-out plot and characters. Again this writing more might work for some . . . I am not one of those. I actually don’t sum up my day in word count. I do it by the scenes and how good I feel the quality of it is.

It’s not about writing more; it’s about writing what is in your heart.


What’s the hardest thing about being an author?

It can be very lonely. The self-doubt and bad reviews can be tough some days. It is also non-stop. When I was younger, I usually had two jobs at a time. This job I work more than I ever have before. I’m never not writing, plotting, editing, and marketing (this is a HUGE part of it). This is not for those that think this is effortless or can make an easy buck. Authors work unbelievably hard!


How much work goes into publishing a book?

A TON of work. Writing it is just the beginning. It will go through many edits, if that is beta readers or a content editor, like I use. Then revisions start. Cover designer, more edits, formatting, marketing and promotion. And during this, you have already started your next book. The circle begins again!

What are you working on next?

I am working on a contemporary romance and also the last book in my Lightness Saga.


Any additional thoughts you want to share?

Like I said above, don’t write trend or what you think others will like. Write the story in your heart.

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IMG_9427Stacey Marie Brown is a lover of hot fictional bad boys and sarcastic heroines who kick butt. She also enjoys books, travel, TV shows, hiking, writing, design, and archery. Stacey swears she is part gypsy, being lucky enough to live and travel all over the world.

She grew up in Northern California, where she ran around on her family’s farm, raising animals, riding horses, playing flashlight tag, and turning hay bales into cool forts. She volunteers helping animals and is Eco-friendly. She feels all animals, people, and environment should be treated kindly.


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