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Charlotte “Lottie” Night didn’t expect her year to turn out this way. After finding out she’s carrying more than just the emotional baggage of her breakup, life as she knows it quickly changes. Panicked, she attempts to balance everything alone until she meets Owen.

 Owen Bower didn’t know what he was missing until Lottie crashed into his life. She’s everything he never knew he wanted, but a relationship is the last thing on Lottie’s mind. Yet when a chance encounter between the two reveals Lottie’s biggest secret, a bond is immediately formed.

Owen quickly becomes Lottie’s closest confidant, but it’s clear their connection is anything but platonic. Emotions can only be ignored for so long until someone cracks, and it looks like Owen will be first. Forced to confront her feelings, Lottie must decide, can she move forward without her past getting in the way?

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We stand close, the tips of our shoes almost touching. Far closer than anyone who’s just met would. It’s intimate, like somehow we’ve known each other a lifetime. It’s corny, ridiculous, and something I’d never say, but it’s true. Hell, I wish I had alcohol to blame it on, but alas, soda is all that’s in my system. Well, that and the fire brewing from his presence.  

The warm summer air has a slight wind, brushing the tendrils of my hair around. That seems to be the only thing moving, as our eyes are locked upon one another.

Owen’s stare digs into my soul, sparking a fire that I thought had been put out months ago. Scratch that, this is a fire I never knew existed. 

I’m not one to lie about how many people I’ve dated. In all that time, there has never been a pull as intense and quick as this one.

I know, I just know, this wouldn’t be nothing. This wouldn’t be your average one night and never speak again. It would be more. And more is dangerous.

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Scarlett was born in Sydney, Australia and moved to Los Angeles when she was 10 years old. Her passion for writing came about at a young age when her sister would read her excerpts of Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf. She currently lives back in Sydney with her family and their two pugs. When she isn’t writing or reading, she spends her time traveling and searching for the best record stores. Eventually, Scarlett hopes to begin a new adventure in Edinburgh.

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