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Head Shot_ KIKI-2.pngKiki Chatfield

Kiki Chatfield is the CEO and owner of The Next Step PR, which was created in March 2015, to help authors be seen and heard in this over saturated market. She loves coaching and prepping authors for the launch of their book. She especially enjoys working with debut authors. She has a passion for reading and the writers behind those amazing words. 

Kiki loves working with all authors all over the world, teaching, coaching and managing their author needs to help their release be as successful as it can be!

Kiki has spoken at many events such as RT Atlanta, RT Houston, UtoPia Con, Inkers Con, and she participated in an online course to share her knowledge to authors called The Author Adventures Summit,. She has been featured in both Blush Magazine and Frolic Media. Kiki is also the creator of Authors in the Bluegrass, happening again in October 2020.

When not online, you can find her out with her family and friends. She loves to travel and see the world, reading in her big comfy bed with all the pillows, going to the movies alone, Ohio State Buckeye football, and all the wine!


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Head Shot_ COLLEEN-2

Colleen Oppenheim

Colleen Oppenheim is a Publicist at The Next Step PR.

She works one on one with all clients, is The Next Step’s ad specialist, designs graphics, coordinates client cover reveal and release packages for readers & bloggers, and manages the company website.

She is a wife and the mom of three (mostly) wonderful children and numerous animals, including an opinionated Potbelly Pig.

Her love of reading began at a young age and carried through college, where she received a B.A. in English Literature.

After college, Colleen worked in Advertising and Marketing.

She blogged for 7 years at Books Books Books and is the Personal Assistant to Stacey Marie Brown. She has spoken at InkersCon as well as school events.

Besides reading, which keeps her sane, Colleen loves wine, animals, and spending time with her family and friends.

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Kristina Snyder

Kristina Snyder is a Social Media Specialist and Executive Assistant.  She also handles all of our signups here at The Next PR!

She is a wife and a stay at home mother to two wonderful children. She also has several animals that are part of the family, including three huskies, a parrot and a rabbit.  

Kristina is an avid reader who loves to read anything and everything.  Her love of reading all began when her hubby bought her the Twilight series, and from there, she was hooked. 

Kristina has dipped her toes in blogging and being a personal assistant to authors. Books are such a passion to her and being able to be a part of the book world is something she holds very dear to her heart. She loves helping authors in any way she can. She hopes to one day return to blogging about her love of books!

On her free time you can find Kristina spending time with her family.  That is the most important thing to her.  Her other favorite things include binging Netflix, reading, and all things Disney. Even though she loves finding and reading new books, one of her favorite things is re-reading her favorite books!

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Head Shot_ JILL

Jill Mac

Jill is a Social Media Specialist, does our HTML for cover reveals and releases, and co-runs The Authors in the Bluegrass event pages.

Hey everyone, I’m Jill! I’m a stay at home mother of 2 beautiful kids and have been blogging for the past 5 years.  I’m the co-owner of M&J’s Book Blog, where I blog with one of my best friends! I’m also a personal assistant to two amazing authors and absolutely love my job! I found early on in my blogging career that I loved helping authors in any way I could, whether it was leaving a review for a book I read, or personally assisting them!   

I’m heavily addicted to coffee, reading or listening to books, and occasionally binging Netflix shows. When I’m not chasing my kids around the house, you can find me lounging on the couch with my pet beardie, glass of wine, and a good book!


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Megan Gatanis

Megan is a Twitter Specialist and runs the Blogger/Reader Group and our Resource group.

Megan is a wife to her childhood best friend; self proclaimed nerd, lover of coffee, a wine enthusiast & fur mama to her pit bull Baker.

She started blogging with Scandalous Book Blog 5 years ago but her love of reading began when she was just a little girl.  After a few months of blogging she became involved with a bunch of Author Review & Street teams; and she quickly realized that helping authors in any way that she could was something she was very passionate about.  After connecting with Kiki and her team she was given the opportunity of a lifetime to work with them & she couldn’t be more excited to help authors reach the next level.

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Emily Morgan

With a Master’s in English and Creative Writing, and Bachelor’s in Communications, Emily is a slightly-sarcastic, coffee-loving marketeer with a passion for stories. She is a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, loves thunderstorms, rides her own motorcycle, and will totally steal your pen when you’re not looking. Every book is fair game, but her favorites are urban fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance.

Emily loves to Excite, Explore and Empower readers and writers to follow their dreams and create amazing works of art through words. She loves stories of flawed heroes, mysterious plot twists, tantalizing romance and extraordinary circumstances. Emily wears multiple hats including writing, marketing, design, and editing manuscripts. She loves engaging with other readers and writers who love talking in manic circles about their favorite stories. When she’s not falling into fantastical worlds by amazing authors, she’s creating ones of her own.

After searching far and wide for a place where she could be creative, be surrounded by great people, and share all things books, Kiki gave her a place to call home. She is pumped to help authors level up with The Next Step PR!

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Anna Theurer


Anna is a wife and mother to a rambunctious little girl and 3 rescue fur babies.  She began blogging 3 years ago at Anna’s Bookshelf and loved connecting with authors through their ARC teams and as a beta reader. As she immersed herself in the book world, she quickly realized that she wanted to do more to help authors.

Anna has been an avid reader from as far back as she can remember and is never without a book in her hands.  Her favorite genres include dark romance, fantasy, rockstar romances, new adult romance, and suspense.  She specifically enjoys novels that have creative storylines, captivating and well developed characters, and jaw dropping twists and turns.

Anna is a coffee addict and is always listening to rock music.  As a former pediatric ICU nurse and Nurse Practitioner, she enjoys working with people and anything medically related. Being able to work with authors is a passion of hers and she is thrilled to be a part of The Next Step community.

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