What clients, bloggers and readers are saying about The Next Step PR:


“Working with Kiki really boosted my visibility. I always felt confident when working with her, knowing she would have things handled so I could go back to focusing on writing the next book!” ~ New York Times & USA Today Best Selling Author Jasinda Wilder


“Highly Recommend using the The Next Step PR.  Been working with The Next Step PR since the beginning, and as a blogger, they make working with them such a breeze because of their great communication. I have been opened up to new authors as well as learned a lot from their knowledge and expertise in how to spread the love in this book community.  Thank You for making my blogging experience an easy one.” ~ CherryRed’s Reads


“I’ve worked with Kiki and the next step pr for a while now..years but can’t exactly say how many..times fly you know and also that’s explains how easy and wonderful it is working with this lady..it seems like yesterday!

I can only say positive things because that’s my experience..she is always professional, always happy to share the love for well known authors and new authors and I get so excited when I get new signs up lol
When she sends a reminder email I always thank her because honestly sometimes it’s hard to keep track, but she is so efficient I know I can always count on her.
It’s always a pleasure to sign up with her pr company.” ~ Marika Bad boys and bedtime stories book blog 



“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kiki and her dedicated team, and I only have positive things to say about how they treat their clients and the love they have for the author/book world. When I first spoke with Kiki, I was not a newbie author but new to the marketing aspect, and I was lost! But her willingness to help and her genuine personality shone through. It was evident how much she cared. It’s way too easy to get overwhelmed with the dozens of details in this business, but she immediately put me at ease with a clear list of suggestions to optimize success. I didn’t always follow those suggestions (life seems to get in the way all too often…) but she never failed to support and encourage me. Kiki and her team are continually brainstorming new ideas and will work endlessly to ensure that their clients get the necessary exposure in this ever-changing industry. Highly recommended!” ~ Author Bree Dahlia


“Love this group. Being a blogger and having so many great books to sign up for , posting can be time consuming, but the emails we recive from The Next Step PR are easy to read and offer an easy copy and paste post which makes a bloggers life easy. If you have a concern or question they are easy to contact and will help in anyway. Obsessed by books loves The Next Step PR.” ~ Obsessed By Books


“I love working with Kiki and NextStepPR. The energy and enthusiasm they all bring to the work, not to mention their stellar graphics, their on-time delivery and promotion, and their growing list of A+ bloggers and influencers, make them top of their field.” ~ Janet Wallace, Writing on the Wall Mgmt

“A pleasure to work with!! I have had nothing but a positive experience with the team there. They are prompt, friendly and great to work with!!! I have reviewed books for their authors and they are always very helpful and responsive.” ~ Kelly Hancock Reader

“Navigating this amazing book world, especially the indie sector, can be quite confusing and overwhelming at times.  It’s difficult for an author, new or seasoned, to gain the exposure necessary to increase their reader base, build stability and really get their name out there.  This is where Kiki Chatfield and her amazing team from The Next Step PR come into play. 

 My first phone call with Kiki put me at ease right away, to the point I knew I just had to work with her.  Her knowledge and professionalism are what sets her apart from the rest, giving every author that special edge they were searching for. 

 I’ve been a client of The Next Step PR for a year now, and I foresee a very long and prosperous future together.” ~ S. Nelson


” The Next Step Pr takes all of the guesswork out of my releases. Their team works tirelessly for me and keeps me organized, productive and well-marketed. I LOVE working with them!” ~ New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author Alessandra Torre


” It is impossible to explain the impact Kiki and The Next Step PR have had on my experience as a newbie author. I found Kiki via an author recommendation and after the first phone call, I knew I was in over my head and she was just the person to get and keep my head above water until I could swim on my own. I had never had a social media account. I had no idea how to launch a book. I had never heard of teasers and didn’t know blogs existed. She gave me a list of things to do and I did the first five completely wrong. She never once lost faith in me as a person or as an author. I’m still learning and she is still teaching. It’s on me to do the hard work and know my craft.  I’m not doing the butterfly or giving Phelps a run for his money yet…. yet… but I know with Kiki and her team that I will get there.

Kiki’s heart is to see her authors succeed. You cannot put a price on that. Her experience and connections are invaluable to me as an author. Her friendship and desire to teach me how to be the best version of the author I want to be – is priceless.” ~ Author KJ Lewis


” The Next Step PR is one of the best companies I have had the honor of working with. Their staff constantly goes above and beyond to make sure my needs are met and that my promos are successful. Not to mention, they are some of the nicest people you will ever have the pleasure of working with.” ~ Author D. Kelly


” Kiki and her team at The Next PR are simply amazing! They go above and beyond in all they do, and I couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and the level of dedication they show to each of their authors.” ~ Author Tish Thawer


“Kiki Chatfield is a delight. She is both professional and personable and has a wonderful team who works daily to spread the word on her clients. Kiki genuinely loves what she does and it shows in both her amazing networking, attending countless author signings and conventions, and her constant efforts in trying to find new and innovative ways to promote her clients. I highly recommend Kiki Chatfield and The Next Step PR.” ~ Author L.A. Fiore


“I feel like I’m lost at sea sometimes in this business. The Next Step PR company has really helped guide me. They have great ideas for new ways to promote yourself and your book. They are innovative and have welcomed me into their company with no qualms even though I’m a bit different. You can tell that Kiki and her entire staff loves what they do. It shows. I do appreciate everything that The Next Step PR did for me, from new ideas for promotion to just calling to check in when I go off the grid. If you are looking for PR they are the way to go.” ~ Author R.L. Griffin


“The Next Step PR makes promoting our favorite authors easy! Fantastic communication, amazing availability, and simple posts – they do the work for both the author and the blogger. We love The Next Step PR!” ~ A Book Whores Obsession


“If you are looking for passionate, hardworking and knowledgeable ladies who will go beyond the call of duty in spreading and promoting books, authors, and blog tours then look no further than The Next Step PR.  Kiki Chatfield and her team are nothing but professional and one of my go to PR services as they promote and serve some of my favorite authors. Honestly, they really do take their authors to the next level. I love working with Kiki and appreciate everything she has done for me in helping me network with authors of The Next Step PR whether it would be making graphics or introducing me to new books. There are no qualms about it, The Next Step PR is a group of passionate ladies, who love what they do.They promote the best services for authors, bloggers, and readers.  On behalf of the ladies of Four Chicks Flipping Pages, we love THE NEXT STEP PR and highly recommend their services!”  ~ Michelle of Four Chicks Flipping Pages


“Kiki Chatfield is truly dedicated to her work and her clients.  She is professional and organized, supportive and proactive, kind and enthusiastic.  I can’t say enough about her creativity and passion, and her genuine love of books and authors is extraordinary.  She strives to provide the very best service and attention to her clients, and I feel that she delivers every single time.” ~ New York Times Best Selling Author M. Leighton


“Kiki and the team at Next Step PR makes working with them effortless. Even when Kiki had a personal emergency, everything still flowed seamlessly with no issues (or if they did, it stayed behind closed doors). Next Step PR makes it ridiculously easy to post, ask questions, and be flexible. She understands that things come up, and never makes us feel awkward or bad if we have to switch around our schedule. Furthermore, she always takes the time to share/comment/boost visibility – which is much appreciated with the way Facebook runs things. We have worked with a lot of PR companies, but Next Step PR is absolutely one of the easiest, smoothest ones to be a part of!” ~ Candy of Prisoners of Print

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Kiki and the team at Next Step PR were fantastic. I had not used a PR company in a while and was curious to see how they would do with my new release. I was blown away by the results. They worked tirelessly for me and my book, doing everything they could to get me maximum exposure. They handled everything for me and I have to say, this was the smoothest, lowest stress release I’ve had yet! I will absolutely work with them again!

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